A message from Nativity Prep’s President, Eric Ruoss

March 25, 2020

We are living through an uncertain and challenging time for our country and our community. At this critical moment in our lives, when we most need close contact with our family, friends and neighbors, we are forced to isolate and stay apart. This circumstance is most difficult for children. As all community organizations have shuttered, so has The Nativity Preparatory School of Wilmington. We will remain closed until we are advised that it is safe to resume classes.


We have also cancelled our “Ignite the Night” fundraising event, which eliminates the source of 25% of our annual budget. As a result, it is essential that the school be able to rely on the strong support that we have received from donors over the last seventeen years. We need your help and will communicate further about how you can help us respond to this reality.


The dedicated faculty and staff of the school are working daily to creatively maintain a meaningful educational program for all of our students. Since our families do not all have the same level of technological capability, the teachers are developing individualized programs for each student. We are meeting remotely each week as a team to modify our approach and to support each other, as we continue to encourage the boys and to meet the needs of our families.


We must do all that we can to maintain the Nativity School as a source of hope and support for these young men of Wilmington. Nativity is a lifeline for these families who trust us and rely on us for encouragement and direction. To this end we have established a strong and successful school for this community, and we need your generous support today and in the years ahead.


With gratitude and blessings,


Eric Ruoss