The Nativity Preparatory School shield captures several elements of the identity and foundation of the school.  The cross in the center of the shield is central to the Christian beliefs of the school as Jesus Christ is our savior.  The cr'che is the symbol of new birth that the Nativity model school promotes.   The V+J means Vive Jesu in French, which translated means "Live Jesus."  It is the motto of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales in their commitment to helping others live the vision of Jesus. The book symbolizes the school's commitment to academic excellence.  The Latin phrase Cunae Rerum Magnarum Parvae is the title of the first graduation speech of Salesianum School in 1907 entitled: "The Beginnings of Great Things are Small."  The speech was delivered by a student who was present the day Salesianum opened in 1903.  Nativity Prep was given birth at the 100th Anniversary of Salesianum.  Nativity is a small school that is built on the optimism that "the beginnings of great things are small."