Every student at Nativity Prep needs financial support.  The Scholarship Program is designed to linkAshton benefactors with specific students through funding and friendships.  Monthly breakfasts strengthen relationships between students and sponsors and provide opportunities for mutual growth.  Scholarship gifts are intended to be renewed each year and follow a specific student from 5th grade through graduation.  Benefactors who give a scholarship at any level are linked with a specific student and invited to attend all Scholarship Breakfasts and other important events.  This program is vital to the mission and success of Nativity Prep.  It is our goal to have each student connected to a scholarship. Scholarship Levels
  • Endowed Scholarships: A gift for Nativity Prep?s Endowment is an investment in our mission. It affords future students the benefit of a Nativity Prep education for years to come. This gift is a sure way to guarantee a "Long Burgundy Line" of Nativity Prep graduates.   Endowed Scholarships parallel the traditional scholarships outlined below.  A Panorama Endowed Scholarship is $360,000, a Pioneer Endowed Scholarship is $160,000, and a Partner Endowed Scholarship is $100,000.
  • Panorama Scholarship : This $18,000 annual scholarship covers the actual cost of education including the Summer Program for one year.
  • Pioneer Scholarship: This $9,000 scholarship was our original scholarship and our most popular.
  • Partner Scholarship: This $5,000 scholarship is designed to be linked with other Partner Scholarships.  Benefactors partner in their funding and friendship with the same student.
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