Nativity Prep’s 2019 Graduation Class

June 12, 2019

On June 6th,  Class of 2019 Graduated from Nativity Prep.
Nativity’s 14th graduating class!

Principal Torres shared the following 3 truths with our boys:
1) Happiness is something you look forward to, so look forward to the exciting and challenging parts of high school. It will be fun!
2) Be where your feet are. Immerse yourself in the culture and people of your new school. Step out of your comfort zone, that is truly where growth begins as you continue to grow in the spirit of who you really are
3) At Nativity you are a Salesian Gentlemen, and out in the world you are STILL a Salesian Gentlemen and Scholar. YOU represent the hopes and dreams of the Nativity men before and after you. YOU have been entrusted to represent Nativity Prep in ALL that you do, even and especially when it is hard. BE WHO YOU ARE AND BE THAT WELL!