Upon graduation, a graduate of Nativity will be able:

Face the demands of a rigorous high school curriculum.

Write and think critically and analytically

Acquire, interpret, and discern information objectively2015 Graduating Class

Use technology proficiently and responsibly

Communicate effectively

Live with a mind open to learning and growth

To develop effective habits that contribute to one's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

To understand and accept the responsibility that one has for one's actions and the consequences that flow from them.

To maintain his composure in the face of challenges.

To appreciate the value of speaking with God through prayer.

To broaden his awareness of self and the world through cultural experiences.

To carry on and live out the qualities of the Nativity Pledge:

Respect for each person I encounter

Dignity for who I am

Spirit of Community

Responsibility for who I will become

Service to others

Approved by the Board of Trustees February 27, 2015