Nativity provides a tuition-free education to students who are in financial need.


  • Meet academic standards for the grade to which he is applying;
  • Are motivated to pursue a rigorous academic program; and
  • Desire to attend Nativity Prep and become Nativity gentlemen.

Responsibilities of Parents & Guardians

  • Parents/Guardians are required to be fully committed to the educational and formation program of Nativity. Parents/Guardians must…
    Read and understand the Nativity Prep Student–Parent/Guardian Handbook and comply with all the regulations put forth therein;
  • Support your student in his efforts to fulfill all the duties and obligations associated with his role as a student of Nativity Preparatory School of Wilmington;
  • Understand that Nativity Prep is an academically challenging and highly disciplined school and that if you do not meet your obligations to the school, you may be asked to withdraw your student from the program;
  • Attend all scheduled parent/guardian meetings;
  • Attend other meetings as requested by the Administration;
  • Submit the activity and other fees as required according to the payment schedule;
  • Volunteer a minimum of 10 hours;
  • Actively promote the school to friends, neighbors, church, and community.

Responsibilities of the Student

  • Recognizes that from him to whom much is given, much will be required.
  • Considers self-esteem not a right, but a result of hard effort and real achievement.
  • Knows that difficult challenges met and overcome will make him stronger.
  • Listens attentively, thinks carefully, and responds thoughtfully.
  • Strives to develop his intellectual gifts and to express his creative talents.
  • Offers and accepts constructive criticism as a means to positive improvement.
  • Supports the efforts of others and seeks help when his own efforts fail.
  • Learns from mistakes and failures and uses them to achieve future success.
  • Recognizes the need for constant practice and work in order to achieve mastery.
  • Believes that it is better to fail with integrity than to succeed dishonestly.
  • Tempers pride in success with humility and humane concern for others less fortunate.
  • Acknowledges the sacrifices and honors the achievements of parents and guardians.
  • Dares to defend what is right and what is just.
  • Values diversity of opinion and beliefs while advocating his personal convictions.
  • Takes personal responsibility for the consequences of his deeds and words.
  • Respects himself as he respects the rights, property, and dignity of others.
  • Behaves in a manner consistent with the expectations of a Nativity Prep student, thus bringing pride to the entire school community.