Scholarship Program

Nativity Prep is a vital mission in the heart of Wilmington that is fortunate to be the beneficiary of incredible generosity.

The Scholarship Program at Nativity Prep provides our young men with the gift of a rigorous, individualized academic education which includes the importance of respect, community, integrity dignity and responsibility.

We sincerely hope you will consider being a vital part of upholding our mission by being a Scholarship Donor.

Endowed Scholarships
Endowed Scholarships provide ongoing income to fund student success.

  • Panorama Endowed Scholarship ($360,000)
  • Pioneer Endowed Scholarship ($160,000)
  • Partner Endowed Scholarship ($100,000)

Traditional Scholarships

  • Panorama ($18,000)
  • Pioneer ($10,000)
  • Partner ($5,000)
  • Summer Program Scholarship ($2,000)

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If you are interested in learning more about our scholarship program or are ready to make a commitment to our students, please contact Mary Pat Weidner, Director of Development at 302-777-1015 or