In September of 2003, Nativity Preparatory School of Wilmington opened its doors to 15 excited and enthusiastic young fifth and sixth graders. Since that opening date, Nativity Prep now counts 10 graduating classes with a grand total of 77 alumni. In June 2010, Nativity’s first graduates finished their senior year of high school and entered college. In 2015-2016 year, Nativity has 52 students enrolled at the school. This Catholic middle school serves low-income boys of all faiths in grades five through eight. Nativity Prep is about transforming lives. Within the structures of an extended day, extended week, high expectations, value formation, sophisticated summer programs, and rigorous academic standards, Nativity students demonstrate they can be fulfilled, successful, and vital participants in changing the community that previously frustrated them. Nativity students are asked to “be who you are and be that well.” In aspiring to this motto Nativity graduates are productive, contented and dynamic members of society.

The NativityMiguel Model

Nativity Preparatory School of Wilmington is a member of the NativityMiguel Network of Schools, a confederation of 64 schools located throughout the nation.  Each participating school adheres to the same set of universal standards.


A NativityMiguel School is explicitly faith-based in its mission and programming.

Service to the Economically Poor and Marginalized

A NativityMiguel School offers financially accessible, not tuition-based education to students from low-income families in underserved communities and reflects the faith, culture, and racial demographics of the local community.

Holistic Education

A NativityMiguel School addresses the academic, physical, social, emotional, moral, and spiritual needs of the student; it promotes the growth of the student in all areas.

Partners with the Family

A NativityMiguel School involves the family and the student’s other support systems in the education of the child and provides opportunity for the growth of the support system.

Extended Day and Year

A NativityMiguel School extends the hours and days that a student is in session, offering additional structured opportunities for learning, enrichment, and growth.

Commitment Beyond Graduation

It is the expectation that all students in a NativityMiguel School will graduate from high school and go on to post-secondary education. A NativityMiguel School offers a Graduate Support Program that eases a graduate’s transition into high school, maintains a connection with all graduates during high school, advocates for our students, assists in preparing the student for graduation and post-secondary education, and tracks the growth and achievement of all graduates.

Effective Administrative Structure

A NativityMiguel School is governed by an effective administrative structure that includes a strong board comprised of leaders committed to the financial and academic sustainability of the school and a working administrative team, based on the president/principal model that attends to the operational and educational stability as well as the vitality of the school.

On-going Assessment and Inquiry

A NativityMiguel School engages in a process of ongoing assessment and inquiry that assists the staff in providing a quality middle school education that will prepare students for success in high school, post-secondary education, and beyond.

Participation in the Network

A NativityMiguel School is an active participant in the collaboration, support, and development of the NativityMiguel Network.